Dear Friends,

Unfortunately there are bad news: I have to leave Next Limit by July 31, 2018.

Right now my occupational future is completely uncertain, but I'll be moving to Houdini and Clarisse over the next months. Then I hope that there's still some demand for a fluid enthusiast like me...

It's a sad moment. but my RealFlow times are definitely over. I always enjoyed working with this software, although I got more and more the impression that I was one of the last survivors of a dying species. It really hurts that I had to witness the slow downfall of this fantastic fluid simulation tool.

Thanks to everyone who supported me throughout all the years! I had turbulent times with lots of ups and downs, but in the end it was great experience. I'm very happy to see that my publications, tutorials, and forum posts helped so many people out there. And that I had the privilege to meet so many fantastic artists. Anyway, who knows what will finally happen. You always meet twice :-)

Sincerly yours,
Thomas Schlick, May 22, 2018