Issue 01
Issue 02
Issue 03

What is Scripting?
The Software Development Kit SDK
Getting Started
Variables, Data Types

RealFlow's Scripting Editors
Batch Scripts, Simulation Scripts
Where to Add Simulation Scripts?

First Steps
Coin Stacker Script,
Particle Swapping
Colour Blending

Custom-Tailored User Interfaces

A Batch Simulation Script

Crown Splashes

Export Path Manager

Velocities from Ocean Statistical Spectrum Waves

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Robert | 25. December 2016
Thank u so much

Julian Field (Expreso Mechanic) | 22. November 2016
Absolutely fantastic publication. Right up my street, as someone with an keen interest in Python scripting (already using it within Cinema 4D). Looking forward to the next edition and I don't even have RealFlow yet! Planning to get RF10, though.

Sunday A. Mbidomti | 22. November 2016
i really like your design creations...that's so realistic and high resolution rendering. i am inspired by your creativity and i want to learn your workflow in realflow.

Marcio | 21. November 2016
Quero agracer profundamente pela oportunidade de aprender sobre realflow

Abby | 1. October 2016
thank you a lot

Junior | 15. September 2016
Thank You

Gerry | 14. September 2016

Mfive | 11. September 2016
Thank you so much for sharing all this knowledge!!! Kudos to you!

Marlon Romero | 5. August 2016
thanks for sharing!

Kadilu | 2. August 2016
Thank you so much for your work and this help, it's a amazing source inspiration

Ricardo | 3. June 2016

Luigi Cammuca | 27. May 2016
Great! Thank you

Quentin | 18. May 2016
Thanks a lot for your work, it's a great source of information to keep at hand !

Raffy Legaspi | 16. April 2016

3DFlow | 14. March 2016
Thank you for this Realflow Magazine, i find it very helpful and i hope that you keep releasing more issues in the future!!!

alain | 10. March 2016

pascal | 25. February 2016
thanks for the material

Gus Sanchez | 2. February 2016
Keep them coming sir! Truly awesome work ;)

Sabrina This | 21. January 2016
Thank you!

Jean Michel A. Zié | 10. December 2015
Hi, thank you very much for this software. I'm looking for more ressources and techniques for motion graphics. Do you know where i can find free pdf about fume fx, thinking particles, hair and fur etc?

Kazuyoshi Sato | 28. November 2015
Thank you!

Rodrigo Ortega | 03. November 2015

Grayson Mendenhall | 01. November 2015
Thank you so much for releasing this guide. I've been learning RealFlow for the past two years and I love the software. This should be a great place to learn to incorporate python into my simulations.

Miguel Sepulveda | 22. October 2015
Thanks for share!

Shawa | 21. October 2015
Thanks for this Pdf will sure help since I am new to RealFlow

Prakash Kumararajan | 20. October 2015
Hello Thomas, Thank you for your effort and for sharing the Magazine to the community. Cheers, Prakash Kumararajan, VFX Supervisor

Denis | 16. October 2015
Thank you for your job! The magazine is interesting and promotes learning Realflow!

David Silva | 15. October 2015
Hi! I just wanted to say thanks from colombia, I've been working with blender as my main 3d program, but since you guys have this for free I may switch to maya so I can do amazing things with those tips and tricks!!!!!

Saori Yoshimoto | 12. October 2015
Thanks for sharing. It's really cool stuff. Recently I use that scripts a little in RF. So I've wanted to learn more deeply. It's great opportunity. Thanks!

Nuwan Bhaggya | 8. October 2015
very helpful. great. thank you all for sharing knowledge

Nas Mdi. | 8. October 2015
Thank you so much for your efforts!

Jesus Bibian Jr | 7. October 2015
Thanks for putting this out. Looking forward to diving in! Keep it up.

major | 3. October 2015
the crown splash and the color blending part are killa, you wrote everthing clear and pretty useable =) thanks for taking the time and creating it.

Julian Gleizer | 2. October 2015
Hi Thomas. As an old time costumer of RF_magazine, I´m really happy to see you are back with this. And I want to thank you for putting the time into developing this and for sharing it. Cheers!

Michael Donovan | 2. October 2015
Thomas ... congrats on the new site !! I am excited to see where you take us ! Already having knowledge of scripting (thanks in large part to your earlier work ). i am looking more forward to your next releases. =) Mike

Vitor Teixeira | 1. October 2015
Thank you for having the time to do something so useful like this.