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01 Oct 2015
This & That (12. Jan 2017)

Is it tool late to wish you all a Happy New Year? I don't think so, since 2 weeks are not yet over :-) I hope that those, who had holidays, really enjoyed it!
After a long break I'm starting right off with my news!

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I need a break (15 Nov 2016)

I decided to take a break from waterline magazine, because I spent so much of my time on the creation of the 3 issues. Currently, there other things I want to explore, learn, and finish, and it's impossible to do all these things together.

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10,000 Downloads (and more on graphs) (13.Oct 2016)

Yesterday evening someone downloaded the 10,000th copy of waterline magazine! That's truly amazing and, yes, I'm proud of this success. It's great to see that this magazine has such a wide acceptance...

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Current Work and Outlook (08. Oct 2016)

I'm trying to spend as much time as possible on the new issue of waterline magazine, but my work for Next Limit has always priority. Another thing that prevents me from simulating is Clarisse iFX. Maybe some of you tried already to load RF's Alembic files into Clarisse and failed...

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Time for a Summary (25. Aug 2016)

Now, almost 4 weeks after the release of "Splashes and Tendrils" it's time for a summary. Download figures and feedback are really impressive so far and even the "old" "Scripting with RealFlow" issue...

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I'm getting there - waterline "Splashes and Tendrils" (11. July 2016) | *** UPDATED (15 JUL 2016) ***

Things move on much faster than expected! So, the good news is that the new edition "Splashes and Tendrils" will be available earlier than initially thought. I hope to have everthing ready for download in 12-14 days. The previously scheduled date was end of August or early September.

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waterline magazine "Splashes and Tendrils" (20. Jun 2016) | *** UPDATED (5 Jul 2016) ***

Despite my work for RealFlow | Cinema 4D I've managed to proceed with the next issue of waterline magazine. The new edition will be named "Splashes and Tendrils". I'm currently busy with the scene descriptions and got some 25 pages finished already.

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Information and Updates on Different Topics (23. May 2016)

After a long period of silence I'm back with some news on waterline magazine. The last months have been very busy and I've been on holiday as well, where I spend some time at the beach watching the waves as they hit the shore. Water is such an amazing element and it's hypnotizing and relaxing : )

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Next Issue of waterline magazine (20. Jan 2016)

Unfortunately, I won't be able to start with the next issue of waterline magazine before April or May 2016! I'm currently booked out with my work for Next Limit. Although I've managed to do some simulations and scenes already, the contents are far from being ready.

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Webinar, Release of "RealFlow Fields and Graphs" (14. Jan 2016)

Next Limit Technologies and Maxon teamed up for a webinar: Basic Fluid Simulation with RealFlow and Maxon Cinema 4D. In this basic skills webinar, Danish 3D designer and Cinema 4D lead instructor Thomas Andreasen shows that this belief is no more than a myth.

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Happy New Year and Release Date "RealFlow Fields and Graphs" (08. Jan 2016)

Happy New Year!

The release date of "RealFlow Fields and Graphs" is Monday, 11. Jan 2016.

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RealFlow 2015.1 is Out (09. Dec 2015)

The highly anticipated RealFlow 2015 patch is out and available for download.

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"Fields and OpenVDB" - Simulation Progress (04. Dec 2015) | UPDATED (09. Dec 2015)

As written in my last post from Dec. 2nd I've really been able to finish the simulation part, and now I'm ready to describe the missing parts. I've also added a last project: age-based viscosity. This scene calculates a custom age channel for Hybrido particles and connects it to a viscosity field.

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Update "Fields and OpenVDB" (02. Dec 2015)

After a longer break I've returned to my work on the next issue of waterline magazine: "Fields and OpenVDB". This pause was necessary, because I had to wait for a RealFlow 2015 update. By the way, this update really boosts the new Dyverso solver and my colleagues did a fantastic job. You'll be able to simulate interacting Dyverso domains, e.g. for immiscible fluids.

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Foam from Ocean Statistical Spectrum Waves (09. Nov 2015)

In the first video from Nov. 5th you see a few particles sloshing over the RealWave surface's borders. The reason is that surfaces with ocean statistical spectrum waves are not static - the mesh contracts and relaxes. A "k Volume" daemon, on the other hand, has a fixed volume.

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Foam from Ocean Statistical Spectrum Waves (05. Nov 2015)

The "Scripting with RealFlow" issue contains a script that calculates velocities from a RealWave's ocean statistical spectrum deformer. One aspect of this script is to show velocity information if you mesh a RealWave surface, but it's also possible to use speed as trigger for foam creation. The creation of such a script is also one of the magazine's homeworks.

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Splashes & Tendrils (02 Nov 2015)

During the last days I had to put my work for the next issue ("Fields and OpenVDB") on halt, since I have to wait for the RF2015 patch. Additionally I've been busy with preparations for a workshop: "Splash design with RealFlow". The results of my research will be added to the "Splashes & Tendril" issue. You'll be amazed what's possible with just a few daemons, emitters, and objects.

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Tendril Creation Script (20 Oct 2015)

Are you a RF2014 or RF2015 user? Then you certainly know the ”Sheeter” daemon and its not exactly satisfying tendril option. Some of you might also remember my own attempts on tendril creation. By the way, the crown splash script in the ”Scripting with RealFlow” issue is a byproduct of these experiments.

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Thanks for such a great start! (15 Oct 2015)

I'm overwhelmed! More than 1300 copies of the "Scripting with RealFlow" issue have been download by now. That's amazing! And it has also been promoted on many platforms and sites, e.g. 3DTotal, the DigitalTutors blog, CGPress, and many more. So, it's time to say thanks for making waterline magazine such a success. I hope that you love what you read.

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Welcome to the waterline.tv blog (01 Oct 2015)

The decision to add a blog to this site wasn't easy, because I normally spend my time on new tutorials. And the update frequency of my old blog was everything but good. Anyway, for now I want to try to keep you posted here, show previews of my current developement, and what's going on behind the scenes. Currently, there's no comment section, but you can use the message form under "Downloads" if you want to drop me a line. I'll publish your comments manually until I've scripted an automatic solution.

I'm also thinking about a facebook page, because this is most probably the most convenient channel. But this depends on how much interest this magazine will finally gain, the number of comments, and my personal mood ;-) Keeping all these blogs and social network things updated is almost a fulltime job.