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01 Oct 2015
This & That

Is it tool late to wish you all a Happy New Year? I don't think so, since 2 weeks are not yet over :-) I hope that those, who had holidays, really enjoyed it!

After a long break I'm starting right off with my news!

waterline magazine "Fields and Graphs"

Now, that RF10 is out, I re-simulated some of the projects, but unfortunately, all the scenes with variable viscosity failed miserably. There were always solver warnings and then the fluid became instable and exploded. That's a really bad thing, because it's not easy to fix these graphs when the problem lies deep in RF's Hybrido solver. Aside from these problems the entire issue needs a review and this has to happen soon...

New Issue

I was very ambigous about the next issue's contents, because I was digging into Clarisse iFX in conjunction with RF. It's a great software, and I've been able to resolve a lot of problems, but there are some limitations I simply cannot overcome. Maybe it's because I don't know Clarisse good enough, but maybe it's because the Isotropix developers absolutely don't care about the RF-Clarisse bridge. That's a real shame, because there's actually so much potential in this combination. I also wanted to prepare a free webinar on this topic, but currently that's impossible.

Plan B was to write about Hybrido and now this will be the next issue's focus. I've already started with rolling waves, a subway tunnel that wll be flooded, and some other things. The difficulty is not so much Hybrido itself, but to make the secondaries look good. There's always something I really don't like with splashes. They often look too artificial to me and I'm not very happy with the results. Another thing is that massive Hybrido simulations take ages to finish without a network of RF nodes.

Previous Announcements or "Sorry for the delay"

I've also made a few announcements on buying scene files, script extensions, a graph for removing particles in the post, a facebook account, etc. All these things are not forgotten, but it's always a matter of time. Some tools also prove to be not very practical in daily life and that's why I discontinued them.

So, here's my agenda for the coming months:

  • Update the "Fields and Graphs" issue.
  • Create my facebook account for waterline magazine.
  • See, which tools from previous announcements really work, find an adequate way to release them.
  • Finish my Hybrido simulations and start with the next issue.

Official RealFlow Blog

In the wake of RF 10's release, Next Limit also redesigned the realflow.com website and now there's a blog. It's entrirely written by me. It's a good place to learn more about the software and get a deeper understanding of its internal processes. Just have a read at blog.realflow.com.