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01 Oct 2015
Current Work and Outlook (08.10.2016)

I'm trying to spend as much time as possible on the new issue of waterline magazine, but my work for
Next Limit has always priority. Another thing that prevents me from simulating is Clarisse iFX. Maybe some of you tried already to load RF's Alembic files into Clarisse and failed miserably, because these files make Alembic crash. I had the big hope that the new Clarisse iFX 3.0 version will finally have this bug fixed, but I was disappointed. At least on Windows, because on the Mac everything works.

After contacting the guys from Isotropix/Clarisse I got an explanation for these crashes: for some unknown reason, RF's MD5 Alembic backend does't work with Clarisse's Alembic library and there's no fix. That's super strange, because the libs are the same for RF, Clarisse, Houdini, OS X, Linux, etc.

With Ogawa, on the other hand, the files can be read. So I tested out RF2016's new Alembics with Ogawa - and succeeded!!! The only limitation is that it's obviously not possible to render RF's channels, e.g. velocity, age, or force. The channels are recognized by Clarisse, but not transferred to the applied materials. That's a shame, but maybe there's a workaround or support in one of the coming patches. Let's see...

The fact that it's now possible to work with Clarisse and RF is very interesting. And who knows? Maybe I'll add a chapter about this conbimation to the next issue of waterline magazine. Or I'll write a dedicated issue about this pipeline. I have to learn more about Clarisse, but so far I'm loving it.

Ok, but back to what you really want to know: when will you be able to download the next issue and what will the topic? Well, the working title is "RealFlow's Hybrido Solver", but there's absolutely no release date so far.
I only have a few simulations, many of them don't look as I want them to look, and I didn't write a single line so far. Another obstacle is the "Ocean Force" daemon. I love ithe daemon's concept, but it has some really nasty flaws and it's also difficult to adjust.

The next issue won't be available before May, I'm afraid. Disappointed? That's understandable, but please bear in mind that I have to do everything in my spare time. And these large scale simulations with millions and millions of particles simply take time.