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01 Oct 2015
Time for a Summary (25. Aug 2016)

Now, almost 4 weeks after the release of "Splashes and Tendrils" it's time for a summary. Download figures and feedback are really impressive so far and even the "old" "Scripting with RealFlow" issue experienced a renaissance with more than 1000 extra downloads. The new issue, on the other hand, had over 2000 downloads so far. And the best thing is that I didn't spread a single word in social networks. This has all been done by you, my estimated readers. Thanks!

It also seems that some people jumped on the train, and try to sell the knowledge they've gathered here in my magazine. That's not nice, of course, but something I have to live with when publishing a free resource.


I also want to start a facebook account soon, but I have to admit that I'm a complete noob in terms of social networks, so I have to find out first how things work.

Next Issue

The coming issue will be about Hybrido. Most probably, because RF2016 will also have some really nice additions: solvers for grain and snow, viscous liquids like toothpaste, ketchup, or lava, and for viscoelastic substances such as silicone. But, Hybrido will also see improvements, and a dedicated Hybrido issue is something I was thinking about for a long time.

Scene Files

Another thing I have in mind is to give away scene files for a very low charge of 2.99 USD. This will help me to pay the costs for web hosting and the software I need to create waterline magazine. The files will be available for RF's learning and standalone versions, and for different axis setups - this mainly concerns the scripts. Another idea is to include ads to the magazine and most probably I'll make much more money with this concept, but that's not the point. My aim is to keep waterline magazine (ad)free - the charge for the scene files is only meant to pay the bills.

Maybe the scene files will be shared, but I don't care about that too much, because I know that I have many loyal readers and I know that you'll be supporting me. Anyway, it'll take some time to get everything done and I don't think that I'll be ready before December 2016.


The website needs an overhaul, because the code is super outdated and doesn't consider HTML5 or CSS. I should also post more images and videos, but this is simply a matter of time and mood. At the moment I want to spend my time on creating contents for waterline magazine, not on annoying software like Dreamweaver.