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01 Oct 2015
I'm getting there - waterline "Splashes and Tendrils" (11. July 2016)

UPDATE (15. July 2016)

In my post from June, 20th I said that the new edition won't have more than 65-70 pages. Well, that was a mistake. I've just finished the layout and it's 95 pages :-) Ok, I really had to add a lot of screenshots to illustrate things, but i95 pages is definitely something.

So, just a little more patience please. I will now do some nice renderings, update the website and its Perl scripts, assemble the promo package, and then everything will be ready for release on August, 1st 2016.


Things move on much faster than expected! So, the good news is that the new edition "Splashes and Tendrils" will be available earlier than initially thought. I hope to have everthing ready for download in 12-14 days. The previously scheduled date was end of August or early September.

And the bad news? Well, from now on, waterline magazine will be no longer free. No, no, just kidding here ;-) Of course, waterline magazine remains a free publication. Anyway, I'm thinking about a way to recoup some of my costs at least, but all this is at a very early stage and the PDF will be available for download at no cost in the future.

But, back to the upcoming issue. Here's the table of contents:

  • RealFlow's "Sheeter" daemon
  • Paint Tendrils
  • Paint Strings
  • Paint Blobs
  • Paint Ribbons
  • Butterfly Splashes
  • Rain Splashes
  • High-Viscosity Fluids (Dyverso)
  • Bouncing Sphere Splashes
  • Spline Splashes
  • DSpline Splashes

I didn't have the time to render out things, but this will be done shortly. Then you also see movies and nice stills.