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01 Oct 2015
Information and Updates on Different Topics (23. May 2016)

After a long period of silence I'm back with some news on waterline.magazine. The last months have been very busy and I've been on holiday as well, where I spend some time at the beach watching the waves as they hit the shore. Water is such an amazing element and it's hypnotizing and relaxing : )

NAB and RealFlow | Cinema 4D

Before this break I had the opportunity of visiting NAB in Las Vegas where my colleague Martin van Stein and me introduced RealFlow | Cinema 4D. This plugin provides RealFlow's new Dyverso directly inside Cinema 4D. The solver is fully integrated and you don't need any connectivity plugins or other import/export tools. We've been working hard and long on this tool and now it's about to be released. Our new OpenVDB mesh engine is also part of the package and you will have connections to MoGraph and Thinking Particles. For more information just visit realflow.com.

Also thanks to the nice people from MAXON. We had a partner booth there and their support, friendliness, and way to organize things is simply outstanding. There have been many super interesting presentations featuring C4D gurus like Nick Campbell, Casey Hupke or Athanasios Pozantzis. Check out the web for recordings!

FMX Stuttgart

I also went to this year's FMX in Stuttgart and had a great time there. Lots of interesting talks and presentations, smart people, and a very relaxed atmosphere. FMX is definitely worth visiting and it's probably the best place in Europe for VFX enthusiasts. I was particularly interested in Clarisse iFX, because I really like the software's concept. Unfortunately it's hardly usable with RF, because RF's Alembic files make Clarisse crash. Only RF's mist volumetrics can be imported to Clarisse, but in most cases you need particles and meshes and there's no support. Furthermore, the Clarisse developers are not really interested in collaborating with Next Limit/RealFlow.

Next Issue

Last, but not least some information on waterline magazine. The coming issue will cover methods for creating splashes and tendrils with RealFlow. It took me a while to develop methods and appropriate scenes, but now I'm pretty happy with my current simulations and now I think they can be shared. It'll take a few months though until the next issue will be released. I have to describe workflows, create images and illustrations, and do the entire layout. Not so easy with a fully-packed calendar...


If you read waterline "RealFlow Fields and Graphs" you come across a graph for age-based viscosity. The problem here is that it isn't possible to resume simulations made with this graph. I've written a script to fix this limitation by introducing my own cache files land it works as intended. The only drawback is that the script introduces another file format and the file sizes can grow quickly. But there's a solution at least, and that's the most important thing.