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01 Oct 2015
Next issue of waterline magazine (20. Jan 2016)

Unfortunately, I won't be able to start with the next issue of waterline magazine before April or May 2016! I'm currently booked out with my work for Next Limit. Although I've managed to do some simulations and scenes already, the contents are far from being ready. I don't think that the new issue will be as complex in terms of layout and illustration as "RealFlow Fields and Graphs", but everything will take its time of course.

Anyway, I'll try to keep you posted as often as possible about my progress. And maybe I'll have some time between my NL projects to work on the next issue. I'm also not 100% sure which topics I'm going to cover. I was thinking about "Scripts and Tendrils", but I'm also very interested in doing something with Hybrido. I've got some nice ideas for the latter and my preliminary tests look good already ;-) Maybe I'll let you decide what you want to see?

For now, please don't worry if there are longer periods of silence here on the waterline website. This doesn't mean that there won't be new issues. Everything that you have read so far has been created in spare time, and now I need a little break.

In the meantime keep dowloading "Scripting with RealFlow" and "RealFlow Fields and Graphs". These two issues will give you enough feed for thoughts during the next months.