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01 Oct 2015
"Fields and OpenVDB" - Simulation Progress (04. Dec 2015)

As written in my last post from Dec. 2nd I've really been able to finish the simulation part, and now I'm ready to describe the missing parts. I've also added a last project: age-based viscosity. This scene calculates a custom age channel for Hybrido particles and connects it to a viscosity field. The results look really nice and the graph can be used for all kinds of cooling effects: lava, molten plastic, wax, caramel, etc. In the video on the right you can see a Hybrido OpenVDB mesh from an age-based simulation. All of the fluid's details have been preserved. Simulation and meshing took only 25 minutes for 250 frames and 1.5 million particles on a dual hexa-core Xeon.

The creation of a cooling effect was important for me, because it is the counterpart of the melting effects I'll be discussing in the next issue of waterline magazine as well. All graphs are based on a collection of very basic tools. These graphs are then extended step by step. It is amazing what can be achieved with RealFlow's fields. Once you understood the concept and principles behind fields you'll be able to do virtually everything.

The planned release date for "Fields and OpenVDB" is January, 7th, but please bear in mind that this is currently just a rough number. Sometimes it's necessary to set deadlines for personal projects as well, because otherwise things will never become finished ;-)

Since some graphs are rather complex it's problematic to put screenshots to the PDF, because the final images could be too small. Therefore it's perhaps better to include my scene files this time, where you can study the graphs and follow the magazine's descriptions.

UPDATE (09. Dec 2015)

All simulations are finished now, the scenes and graphs have been cleaned, and the render is in progress. I've also started to layout the new magazine. This also affects the issue's name and the final title will be "Fields, Graphs, and OpenVDB".

I was also thinking about providing scene files with the new issue, but I'm no longer sure if I'll really add them. The reason is simply that ready-to-use scenes are tempting: instead of dealing with the magazine's contents and descriptions, the scenes are just modified and simulated. But, when you have to follow the chapters and recreate the graphs on your own you'll have a much better understanding of what's happening.

The new video on the right shows the magazine's "Stickiness" graph in conjunction with a HyFLIP fluid simulation.