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01 Oct 2015
Update "Fields and OpenVDB" (02. Dec 2015)

After a longer break I've returned to my work on the next issue of waterline magazine: "Fields and OpenVDB". This pause was necessary, because I had to wait for a RealFlow 2015 update. By the way, this update really boosts the new Dyverso solver and my colleagues did a fantastic job. You'll be able to simulate interacting Dyverso domains, e.g. for immiscible fluids, but also for the creation foam. Some of these new features will also be covered in "Fields and OpenVDB": you will learn how to emit foam particles from a Dyerso fluid's curvature. This approach creates very realistic results.

The main project explains how to create Hybrido melting effects based on distance fields. Another group of themes deals with the creation of custom force fields. A "sticky" graph for Hybrido simulations is also on my list. Please bear in mind that all these topics are subject to change. I was also experimenting with new density field graph nodes and mist domains, but the possibilities are too limited at the moment. Anyway, I'm sure that you'll learn a lot from the coming issue and you'll also get a deep insight into some of RealFlow's most important techniques.

I know I have to be careful with dates and announcements, but I'm very confident that I'll be able to finish the simulation part next week. Of course, I'll also do some renders and the entire magazine has to be illustrated and layouted.

Please tune in here from time to time for more information and updates on release dates, and my current progess.