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01 Oct 2015
Foam from Ocean Statistical Spectrum Waves (09. Nov 2015)

In the first video from Nov. 5th you see a few particles sloshing over the RealWave surface's borders. The reason is that surfaces with ocean statistical spectrum waves are not static - the mesh contracts and relaxes. A "k Volume" daemon, on the other hand, has a fixed volume. This means that there will always be gaps between the surface and the daemon's bounding box. As a consequence, some particles will be kept longer than necessary.

That's definitely not nice and so I added a routine that creates a dynamic frame around the RW surface based on its lagerst and smallest horizontal vertex coordinates. It's also possible to specify an offset for adjusting the frame. All particles outside this frame will be deleted. As you can see in the second video i's still not 100% perfect, because I made the offset a little too small. The best solution is function that analyses the wave surface first, and adds the particles in a second simulation pass.

The wave surface is a combination of an ocean statistical spectrum and a Gerstner deformer. I wanted to create a nice rolling wave. The foam turned out really good and you can observe these typcial trails in the wave's slipstream.