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01 Oct 2015
Tendril Creation Script (20 Oct 2015)

Are you a RF2014 or RF2015 user? Then you certainly know the ”Sheeter” daemon and its not exactly satisfying tendril option. Some of you might also remember my own attempts on tendril creation. By the way, the crown splash script in the ”Scripting with RealFlow” issue is a byproduct of these experiments.

My main problem was always that the tendrils have to be (more or less) perpendicular to the fluid’s main direction of motion. Of course, everything has to be controllable as well, and the concept should work with animated emitters. My early scripts only worked with a static emitter that is pointing into a certain direction. As soon as I started to change the emitter’s position everything ended up in pure chaos.

Ok, some people have written me, explaining that they don’t care about this limitation, because it’s no problem to reposition or rotate the mesh inside a 3D program. So, I’ve shared the script with a handful of people, but I wasn't happy with this decision. I simply don’t like giving away half-baked things. In the end everybody’s just disappointed, and nobody needs that.

Over the last days I started to work again on the tendril script and I’ve been able to solve the direction problem. I’ve also found a method for identifying the fluid’s border particles, but there are still many problems to solve. The fluid, for example, is too thick and I don’t have enough control over the tendril creation process. But, I’m pretty confident that I’ll be able to fix these issues.

The video on the right shows my first test with the new tendril creation script.

Currently I have no idea when the script will be ready for release, but I’ll keep you posted about my progress.
I hope to be able to add it to the upcoming "RealFlow Splashes & Tendrils" issue scheduled for late spring 2016