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01 Oct 2015
Thanks for such a great start! (15 Oct 2015)

I'm overwhelmed! More than 1300 copies of the "Scripting with RealFlow" issue have been download by now. That's amazing! And it has also been promoted on many platforms and sites, e.g. 3DTotal, the DigitalTutors blog, CGPress, and many more. So, it's time to say thanks for making waterline magazine such a success. I hope that you love what you read.

The next issue is also in the works already. I'll take a close look at fields in RealFlow and how to use them, e.g. for distance-based melting effects, the creation of custom fields, writing OpenVDB files, and rendering volumetric data. All this will be achieved with the help of basic graphs. I know this topic sounds super TD-ish, but it really doesn't take much to import fields from other applications, e.g. Stoke MX or Houdini and use them to drive particles in RealFlow.

Another reason why I chose to cover this topic is the fact that fields play an important role in conjunction with the Hybrido and Dyverso solvers, but also with meshes and daemons. Fields are one of the the most underrated, but also most powerful things in RealFlow. With the help of some basic graphs you'll have access to a hidden world of fantastic possibilities.