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"Splashes and Tendrils" provides a complete toolset for working with small-scale fluids. You will learn how to use RealFlow's different solvers to create a wide variety of different splashes and fluid types. Don't miss this issue! It's 100% free!

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Thomas Schlick

waterline magazine "Splashes and Tendrils" is a free PDF with 95 pages. The third edition teaches you how to achieve stunning simulations of fluids with tendrils, for example the iconic butterfly splashes or different kinds of paint. A wide variety of methods how to create dynamic, turbulent, and highly-viscous splashes gives you the knowledge for your own projects and experiments. ”Splashes and Tendrils” can be seen as a versatile toolbox for fluid artists specializing in small-scale simulations.

From the content: paint tendrils and fibres, butterfly splashes, high-viscosity Dyverso fluids, rain drop splashes, splines as attractors, RealFlow’s ”Sheeter“ and ”DSpline“ daemons, impact splashes, and many more.